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Power Electronics Conference 2019 – The Challenges for the Power Semiconductor

Cree to supply SiC semiconductors to ZF for electric drives

Cree banks on SiC to capture vehicle market

Cree and ABB Announce Silicon Carbide Partnership to Deliver Automotive and Industrial Solutions

New Solaris buses can be equipped with higher energy dense Solaris High Energy+ batteries and silicon carbide (SiC) inverters

Gallium Nitride: Leading Vector of Power Electronics

800V SiC Inverter Promises to Cut EV Charging Time in Half

Silicon as a semiconductor: Silicon carbide would be much more efficient

Bosch launches silicon carbide chips to make EVs more efficient

Top vendors brewing energy efficient 5G kit

Cree CEO talks plans for new $1B facility in Marcy (NY)

Supermarket rooftop brings commercial solar – and silicon carbide inverters – to Norway

Discovery in gallium nitride a key enabler of energy efficient electronics

Minit Charger Releases Dual Port Silicon Carbide Fast Charger

GaN Transistor Technology to Wirelessly Charge Workplace Robots

Cree Announces Update to Capacity Expansion Plan – Company to Build Largest Silicon Carbide Device Manufacturing Facility in New York

Delphi partnering with Cree for automotive silicon carbide devices

PowerAmerica awards $24M to 24 new projects to advance wide-bandgap technology in USA

1200V 450A All SiC Half-Bridge Module Maximizes Power Density

Could gallium nitride be the key to reaching the full potential of AI?

The first space-qualified GaN DC-to-DC power converter

Major bank: Oil is finished; EVs+renewables are 6x more cost-effective

Cree and ON Semi Pen Multi-Year SiC Wafer Supply Agreement

SiC devices boost power system efficiency in aircraft

Power Integrations’ new gate-driver system enables paralleling of up to four SiC power modules

Scrutinizing a SiC Transistor Gate-Driver IC
PV Magazine: Transistor transition

Power Semiconductors: Past, Present and Future

GaN v SiC semiconductors for EV converters: Tech Opinion

Drivemode Believes All EVs Can Rely on the Same Components

GaN and SiC power semiconductor market to grow from $400m to $3bn by 2025

Gate Driver System Targets 1.7kV to 4.5kV IGBT and SiC Dual Power Modules

SiC Module Enables > 98% Efficient 300kW Three-Phase Inverter Reference Design

In EVs, Isolation Tech Drives Faster Charging

Silicon Carbide Converters and MEMS Devices for High-temperature Power Electronics: a Critical Review

SiC Module enables >98% Efficient 300kW Three-Phase Inverter Reference Design

Aixtron partners in UltimateGaN project to make power semiconductors available for broad applications at competitive cost

Vincotech: Engineered to fit your tech specs and business needs

PSDcast – A New Wireless Charging Alliance

IEEE article: Accurate Estimation of SiC Power MOSFETs under Extreme Operating Conditions

GaN Systems again sponsoring China Power Supply Society’s annual ‘GaN Systems Cup’ design competition

SiC Demand Growing Faster than Supply

EVs are Switching to Silicon Carbide Power Electronics

Borg Warner Unveils Onboard Battery Charger Using Silicon Carbide

Cree Selected as Silicon Carbide Partner for the Volkswagon Group FAST Program

Demand grows for tiny phone chargers using ‘new silicon’ (GaN)

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