High power evaluation board, up to 1200V & 50A @ 200kHz switching frequency featuring the combo ADI ADuM4135 isolated gate driver + LT3999 isolated power supply controller + Microsemi SiC power module in half bridge configuration.

  • Half Bridge Topology with SiC APTMC120AM20CT1AG Power Device
  • 1200 V, 50 A, 200 kHz
  • >100 kV/us CMTI
  • 12 V VIN supply
  • Independent High Side and Low Side PWM inputs (Single control with 70ns deadtime for testing)
  • 1xLT3999 + 1xADuM4135 for both High Side and Low Side
  • Full tested ‘Desat protection’
  • Low inductive and high current terminals for V+, V- and AC phase connection