Exposed Tube

Wakefield-Vette’s exposed tube liquid cold plates from Richardson RFPD ensure minimum thermal resistance between the power device and the cold plate by placing the coolant tube in direct contact with the power device’s base. Direct contact reduces the number of thermal interfaces between device and fluid thus increasing performance for the application.

Full Buried Tube

Wakefield-Vette’s fully buried tube liquid cold plates from Richardson RFPD have the ability to cool both sides of the cold plate because of its positioning within the base plate. Another key feature of the fully buried tube is that it is not exposed to the outside environment. Some engineers prefer the epoxy layer above the tube to protect the tube from leakage.

Rolled Tube (180 Series)

Wakefield-Vette’s rolled tube liquid cold plates from Richardson RFPD are usually the most cost effective liquid cold plate solutions. The key attribute for this line of standard cold plates is that the liquid flow is contained in a continuous tube. These standard cold plates come in 2 and 4 pass versions.