An improved creepage distance makes the C4D family expansion ideal for high-voltage applications in environments with heightened levels of pollution, such as off-board battery chargers and solar inverters in urban settings. This portfolio expansion offers significant advantage for our energy and transportation customers who require increased reliability and performance in challenging outdoor settings.

The C4D Schottky diodes combine essentially no switching losses with best-in-class low forward voltage drop, delivering high efficiency during power conversion. They enable systems that are smaller, cooler and faster at equivalent or even lower system cost than possible with comparable silicon bipolar devices.

  • 1.2 kV Schottky Rectifier
  • Zero Reverse Recovery Current
  • High-Frequency Operation
  • Temperature-Independent Switching
  • Extremely Fast Switching
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient on VF
  • Increased Creepage/Clearance Distance