Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET C3M Planar MOSFET Technology N-Channel Enhancement Mode

Wolfspeed continues its leadership in SiC technology by offering MOSFETs in a wide variety of on-resistances and package options, enabling designers to select the right part for their applications. The efficiency gained by moving from a silicon-based solution to silicon carbide can reduce system size, weight, complexity, and cost in most high-power applications. Based on 3rd generation planar MOSFET technology, the C3M0032120K includes a rugged intrinsic body diode which allows for 3rd quadrant operation without the need for an additional external diode. Using the separate Kelvin source pin in the TO-247-4 package can further increase efficiency by reducing switching losses as much as 30% compared to the traditional 3-lead TO-247 package. The C3M0032120K can be used in any power supply application, including bridgeless PFCs, inverters, and chargers.

Key features include:

VDS: 1200 V
ID @ 25˚C: 63 A
RDS(on): 32 mΩ