Lowest conduction and switching losses in the industry, enabling smaller, lighter and highly efficient power conversion

Wolfspeed’s 3rd Generation 650V MOSFET technology is optimized for high performance power electronics applications, including server power suppliers, electric vehicle charging systems, energy storage systems, UPS, solar (PV) inverters and consumer electronics.

Key features include:

  • Low on-state resistance over temperature
  • Low parasitic capacitances
  • Fast diode with ultra-low reverse recovery
  • High temperature operation (TJ = 175 °C)
  • Kelvin source pin
  • Industry standard through-hold & SMT packages

Key benefits include:

  • Improves system efficiency with lower switching and conduction losses
  • Enables high switching frequency operation
  • Improves system level power density
  • Reduces system size, weight and cooling requirements
  • Enables new hard switching topologies (Totem-Pole PFC)