6.6kW High Power Density Bi-Directional EV On-Board Charger

The CRD-06600FF065N is a demonstration of Wolfspeed’s 650 V, 60 mOhm (C3M) SiC MOSFETs in a 6.6 kW Bi-Directional converter targeting high efficiency and high power density on-board charging applications.

The demo board consists of a bi-directional totem pole PFC (AC/DC) stage and an isolated bi-directional DC/DC stage based on a CLLC topology with quasi-constant DC link voltage.

Utilization of the high switching frequency operation allow the demo board to be smaller, lighter and overall more cost effective. Wolfspeed’s 6.6 kW high power density OBC demo board can accept 90VAC-265VAC as an input and provide 250VDC-450VDC at the output with > 96.5% of efficiency in both charging and inversion modes.

Main target applications of this demo board include EV charging and energy storage.