Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide (SiC) solutions help create smaller, lower-cost, energy-efficient fast chargers. With higher power conversion capabilities, faster switching speeds, and improved thermal performance, SiC is an ideal material to meet the extreme power demands of modern fast-charging stations.

Tune in to this webinar presented by Wolfspeed and Richardson RFPD to learn more about designing SiC solutions for EV fast-charging, including:

  • Designing fast charging systems with simpler topologies utilizing Wolfspeed SiC MOSFETs, diodes, and power modules
  • Optimizing your system to achieve up to 30% lower losses, 2-3x faster switching speeds, 65% increase in power density, 30% fewer components, and a lower overall cost
  • Meeting fast-charging infrastructure requirements, including a 150 kW max for single-car charging, reliability for global environments, and ruggedness for weather conditions
  • Addressing the diverse range of voltages and package sizes that EV platforms require
  • Reducing time to market and R&D costs with scalable designs
  • Achieving higher output power and higher output voltage required by today’s latest 800V and bidirectional battery systems

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