The development of power electronic devices and related packaging solutions continues to be strongly driven by EV/HEV needs.

Serious competition in the electric and hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEVs) industry has started. After a “road paving” period dominated by a few EV/HEV players, we have entered a period of massive deployment of EV/HEVs by historical automotive car makers. Customers have growing choice amongst different vehicle suppliers, vehicle electrification types and vehicle models. Driving range is increasing, pricing is more affordable and EV charging infrastructure is being widely deployed. This increases customer motivation to purchase an EV/HEV.

A large variety of different technology approaches is a typical feature of the EV/HEV industry. The industry is far from being consolidated, technologically or in the supply chain. Nevertheless, several technology trends have been identified by Yole Développement (Yole) – and Yole will detail them in this webcast…

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