The market shift toward GaN transistors in 2021 isn’t just theoretical or inspirational—it’s happening now, with major companies designing and shipping products with GaN today.

Human beings are a power-hungry bunch and 2021 is the year more of us do something about it.

As the world slowly inches back to normalcy and a business-as-usual state of mind, we’ll look to technology to power our future forward with innovations that improve the way we live and do business. And much of that focus will be on increasing power efficiency, performance, and lowering costs. From an organizational standpoint, it means doubling down on digitally driven experiences, operational excellence, products, supply chains, and ecosystems—not just to rapidly advance, but in some cases, to simply survive.

The growing popularity and adoption of gallium-nitride (GaN) transistors across many market segments gives convinces us to believe we’re on the right path, given the limitations of silicon in power transistors…