Eaton webinar on-demand

The Supercapacitors Empowering Warehouse Automation

On-demand webinar from Eaton & Richardson RFPD

Critical to operation of these systems are the warehouse robots, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRSs). The requirements of these robots pose a challenge to the power system, with many high power charge/discharge cycles, weight limits and broad temperature ranges.

Eaton supercapacitors are meeting these challenges. With a broad range of cells and modules, designs can be optimized for size, weight and space. Eaton supercapacitors provide a unique fit to many high cycling applications. They can charge and discharge millions of times at high power. With no moving parts and no chemical reactions, supercapacitors address power and environmental requirements better than batteries. They are also reliable in a tough environments, with a service temperature range between -40° to 85° C, and reliability despite mechanical vibrations.

The presentation will discuss:

  • Application requirements
  • Capabilities of Eaton supercapacitors
  • Compare supercapacitors to batteries
  • Estimate sizing of a supercapacitor system and other considerations

Key Takeaways

  • See how Eaton supercapacitors are revolutionizing warehouse automation systems
  • Learn about the supercapacitor technologies that supply of millions of charge/discharge cycles and wide operating temperature range
  • Discover how Eaton’s broad product line of supercapacitor cells and modules provide flexibility