Beyond the Datasheet – Technical Article

Trains are subject to a variety of weather systems that may influence the electronics used within. It is therefore important for transportation system developers to consider parameters that are not typically presented in datasheets. This is even more important in the case of wide bandgap power electronics, such as silicon carbide (SiC), which is a novel material.

Microchip Technology’s SiC power devices are rugged, robust and apt for demanding applications within the transportation segment. A strong portfolio of standard and custom packaging options provides customers with flexibility in design. Digital programmable gate drivers, available as printed circuit board (PCB) plug-and-play or core drivers, provide engineers with tools to optimize system performance and tune the system to the application with minimal hardware modifications.

The toughness of Microchip’s SiC MOSFETs across wide-ranging conditions is essential for auxiliary power units (APUs) that power both conventional and emergency loads. The following must be verified: the stability and lifetime of the MOSFET’s gate oxide; the stability of the MOSFET’s body diode; and failure toughness measures such as avalanche ruggedness…