VINcoSIM is a web-based integrated simulation environment to simulate junction temperatures and loss for Vincotech power modules.

The software is designed to choose operation conditions as voltages, currents and switching frequencies to give a good fitting to the operation of the power module in real applications. All power loss and temperature calculations are based on real measurements taken of each module.

Why use VINcoSIM?

  • It is accurate: We use real measurement data, all topologies are available, heatsink option is included.
  • It is fast and complete: The procedure takes only seconds and the results reveal a lot of data in one glance.
  • It is easy to use: Only 1 configuration step is needed, flexible options for your needs, no downloading necessary, no cost.

VINcoSIM is based on a unique simulation core which offers the possibility to simulate every module with every topology. Adding new modules and even increasing the number of simulation methods was never easier…