High-Efficiency 200W Stereo Class-D Amplifier & LLC Switched Mode Power Supply w/PFC

Audio Class D 2-channel 200W per channel amplifier and 400W SMPS Evaluation boards

Fast switching, low Coss, and zero QRR Enhancement Mode GaN transistors enable a new level of performance for Class D Audio amplifiers. This GaN-based EVB platform provides an excellent reference design for implementing a high-performance, low-cost audio system. The Class D amplifier and companion power supply designs are optimized for sound quality, thermal performance, size, and cost.


  • 200W per Channel into 8 ohms
  • 300W per Channel into 4 ohms
  • Full load efficiency > 96%
  • Low THD+N


  • Universal AC line input voltage (85 V – 264 V)
  • +/-32 VDC Regulated Output Voltage
  • 425W Continuous Output Power
  • Full load Efficiency > 90%