In Stock: 3V/3F ultracapacitor cell for actuators, emergency lighting, telematics/IoT

Maxwell Technologies’ 3V 3F ultracapacitor cell is part of Maxwell’s latest full-featured 3.0V product platform designed to provide energy storage in support of the latest trends in renewable energy, smart grid, and IoT. Designed from the ground up, Maxwell developed the 3V small cell products to be high energy, high power solutions that also incorporate the XP™ technology offering enhanced performance under adverse environmental conditions. Whether used alone, integrated into a module assembly, or in a hybrid configuration, Maxwell’s 3V products will help reduce the overall cost and size of the system while improving return on investments for the customer.

Ultracapacitors are the technology of choice for high energy and high power applications because of their longer operating lifetime, low maintenance requirements, and superior cold weather performance when compared to batteries.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced performance under adverse environmental conditions
  • Updated Bill of Materials compared to earlier 2.7V XP products resulting in improved performance at higher voltage
  • Long lifetimes with up to 1,000,000 duty cycles
  • Straight and Bent Lead versions available
  • Compliant with UL, RoHS and REACH requirements

Typical Applications

  • Actuators
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Telematics / IoT
  • Automotive
  • Security Equipment
  • Backup and UPS Systems
  • Advanced Metering