In Stock: 160V/6F Ultracapacitor Module – for wind turbine pitch control, small UPS systems, heavy duty machinery and industrial applications

from Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies’ 160V module is designed to provide energy storage for emergency pitch control and maximize the energy generation of a wind turbine. Based on ultracapacitor technology, the 160V module can considerably reduce turbine maintenance and life cycle costs, improve reliability and lower the overall cost of energy. Scalable in series and parallel configuration, the product can meet a majority of the new and existing pitch power delivery requirements.

Ultracapacitors are the technology of choice for electric pitch control systems because of their longer operating lifetime, low maintenance requirements and superior cold weather performance when compared to batteries.

Features and Benefits

  • Rated at 160V, 5.8F with a high power density (5.2kW/kg)
  • 2,000 hours DC life at maximum operating temperature and voltage
  • Designed for up to 500,000 cycling applications
  • Turnkey solution includes passive cell balancing in a compact and lightweight package
  • Screw terminals and center voltage tap

Typical Applications

  • Wind turbine pitch control
  • Small UPS systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Heavy duty machinery