Mitsubishi US-EVA-01

EVA11-SDIP with PSF25S92F6-A

The SiC DIPIPM Evaluation Kit includes the primary components of a 3-phase inverter motor drive which are necessary to evaluate the SiC DIPIPM with the user’s own controller, motor, and DC link. Additional guidance can be found in the supporting documents found in the Documents tab below. Further technical and sales support is available through Richardson RFPD.

Hardware Included:

  • 1-piece EVA11-SDIP SuperMini DIPIPM Evaluation Board
  • 1-piece PSF25S92F6-A 25A/600V SiC DIPIPM

Supporting Documents:

  • Instruction manual of the evaluation board (EVA11-SDIP) for SuperMini DIPIPM Series
  • Datasheet for the PSF25S92F6-A
  • SuperMini DIPIPM Ver.6 Series Application Note
  • SiC SuperMini DIPIPM Series Application Note

Additional Hardware Required:

  • Heatsink and mounting hardware for PSF25S92F6-A
  • 5V and 15V Power Supplies for gate driver and control power
  • Microcontroller for PWM control, fault feedback, temperature feedback
  • DC link bulk capacitor and DC link power supply
  • 3-phase motor