EV Range Extension in Traction Inverters Using SiC

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Mainstream consumer adoption of electric vehicles remains stunted by lingering concerns over EV range limitations There are two major disruptions currently affecting the future of vehicular transport and semiconductor technology. We are embracing a new and exciting means to propel our vehicles cleanly with electrical power, while simultaneously re-engineering the semiconductor materials that underpin electric

Silicon Carbide Technology and Digital Gate Driving Pave Way for Electrification of Heavy Transport Vehicles

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Microchip Technical Article Among the most promising technologies in the mission to decarbonize emissions intensive transportation vehicles are SiC based power-management solutions supported by configurable digital gate driver technology. The high power and voltage requirements of electric vehicles (EVs) of all types, including electric buses and other etransportation power systems, require the higher efficiency of

Using simulation to optimize GaN-powered designs

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Comparisons of transistor device models and simulation techniques illustrate which approach works best for specific design scenarios. When designing a new system based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors, simulation provides engineers with a powerful design optimization tool. Through simulation, designers can estimate system efficiency, choose the appropriate device or topology, find suitable thermal strategies,

How to Select the Right Gate Driver for SiC MOSFETs

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Technical Article featuring Microchip Silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs have made significant inroads in the power semiconductor industry thanks to a range of benefits over silicon-based switches. These include faster switching, higher efficiency, higher voltage operation and higher temperatures that yield smaller and lighter designs. Those attributes have led to a range of automotive and industrial

Reducing Switching Losses with 1,200-V Digital Gate Driver for SiC

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Microchip Technology has announced a new, production-ready 1,200-V digital gate driver that provides multiple levels of control and protection. Microchip Technology has announced a new, production-ready 1,200-V digital gate driver that provides multiple levels of control and protection. The new device complements Microchip’s broad portfolio of discrete products and silicon carbide MOSFET modules to reduce

Modeling of SiC Power Modules

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Wolfspeed Technical Article Traditional silicon power transistors have been theoretically pushed to their limits. Compact models of wide-bandgap power devices are necessary to analyze and evaluate their impact on circuit and system performance. Limits in terms of efficiency, density, and operating temperature have been surpassed by semiconductors having wider bandgap than silicon’s 1.1

Article: How to Easily Design Power Supplies

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Part 2 of this series covers specialized topologies, common isolated topologies, and advanced isolated topologies of power supplies. What you'll learn in this article: What other topologies are used for SMPS beyond the three most common types? Common and advanced isolated topologies. What is the switched capacitor converter? Beyond the three basic, nonisolated switch-mode

Technical Article: Getting to a Cleaner Future

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Design Challenges and Solutions for Solar Inverters By Andrew Smith, Product Marketing Manager, and Matthias Tauer, Technical Marketing Manager, Vincotech GmbH Renewable Energy is the key to a cleaner future and solar energy is leading the way. Designers of solar inverters face a multidimensional challenge to ensure solar power continues to meet the growing demand

Breaking Through the Invisible Barriers of Wireless Power Transfer

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High frequency technology innovations are breaking through the barriers of wireless power transfer, enabling a new generation of truly wireless “drop and connect” applications, wherever you go. Imagine a world without wires, where we are no longer tethered to electrical outlets to power our battery-powered equipment and devices. While this is what today’s wireless charging

Microchip Launches SiC Power Modules for Aircraft Electrical Systems

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In the race to reduce emissions in aerospace systems, designers are increasingly moving towards more efficient electronics in control systems, including those that replace pneumatics and hydraulics–everything from onboard alternators to actuators and auxiliary power units. Microchip Technology, working with European Commission consortium member Clean Sky, has developed a family of SiC-based power modules for

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