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AgileSwitch Silicon Carbide Accelerated Development Kit – 1.2kV

2020-01-18T13:28:06-06:00January 18th, 2020|Categories: AgileSwitch, Featured, Gate Driver Evaluation Products|

The 62mm Electrical Master is a 2-Channel Gate Driver Board for 1.2kV 62MM, D3, SP6 SiC modules. These Plug and Play Gate Driver Boards feature Augmented Switching™ control, robust short circuit protection and are fully software configurable. Optimized for Heavy Duty Vehicle, Auxiliary Power Unit, Charging, Storage, Inverters and Induction Heating applications, these Gate Driver

2020 Top Technology Trends in Power eBook

2020-01-10T10:18:50-06:00January 10th, 2020|Categories: eBook, Featured, GaN Systems|

GaN Systems looks at the game-changing technologies associated with power electronics In this eBook, you'll learn more about: The top technology trends in power electronics for 2020 How GaN technology will play a role in these trends How the demand for both data and energy are increasing at unprecedented levels New ways of addressing

Wolfspeed C3D16065D1 – In Stock!

2020-01-04T17:58:21-06:00January 4th, 2020|Categories: Featured, Silicon Carbide Diodes, Wolfspeed|

16 A, 650 V, Z-Rec® Schottky, TO-247-3 package BENEFITS INCLUDE: Replace bipolar with unipolar rectifiers Essentially no switching losses Higher efficiency Reduction of heat-sink requirements Parallel devices without thermal runaway FEATURES INCLUDE: 650-volt Schottky rectifier Zero reverse recovery current Zero forward recovery voltage High-frequency operation

News: GaN Systems and SPARX Advance GaN in Electric Vehicles

2019-12-29T14:57:15-06:00December 29th, 2019|Categories: Featured, GaN Systems, News|

GaN Systems recently announced that SPARX Group “Mirai Creation Fund II has made an investment in GaN Systems. Mirai fund provides capital to companies with the goal of accelerating innovation, Vehicle Electrification being one of the major targets, to generate a “new power” that will shape the future and impact our world. The goals and

GaN & SiC Evaluation Kits, Reference Designs & Simulation Tools

2019-12-29T13:03:20-06:00December 29th, 2019|Categories: Featured, Selection Guides|Tags: |

New update now available! As power conversion applications rapidly transition to GaN and SiC technologies, Richardson RFPD can help you in your integration plans with our broad selection of GaN and SiC resources to help speed your time to market. Download Now

Wolfspeed Webinar: Now Available On-Demand!

2019-12-28T18:12:31-06:00November 9th, 2019|Categories: Events, Featured, Webinar, Wolfspeed|

Revolutionizing Inverter Power Density using SiC MOSFET Modules Silicon carbide (SiC) is revolutionizing system sizes and reducing costs in high power applications. This webinar describes how to use SiC power modules to build a 300 kW inverter in an enclosure that is roughly the size of a shoebox. We will demonstrate how to optimize

RECOM High Isolation DC/DC Converters for Gate Drivers

2019-12-16T17:02:54-06:00December 16th, 2019|Categories: DC-to-DC Converter Modules, Featured, RECOM|

DC/DC converters are often required to provide an isolated asymmetric supply for high-side gate drivers. The simplest (functional) isolation can withstand 1kVDC for one second. This sounds impressive; however this is often not sufficient. High side inverters are often floated a few hundred volts with an opto-isolated PWM control, so the gate drivers need

UPDATE: GaN Systems Webinar Recording Now Available!

2019-12-03T12:55:52-06:00October 22nd, 2019|Categories: Events, Featured, GaN Systems, Webinar|

Higher system efficiency and power density are enabled by the ultra-low switching energy consumption of GaN HEMTs. Recording Now Available! In this webinar, you will: REVIEW Review the design theories and implementations the power semiconductor industry has learned and perfected over the past decade LEARN Learn the key points to