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Tamura’s high current drive input gate drivers for SiC MOSFETs

2022-08-07T16:42:19-05:00August 7th, 2022|Categories: Featured, Gate Drivers, Tamura|

High current drive input for high-power transistors such as IGBTs or SiC MOSFETs Tamura’s gate drivers support up to 1700V power modules and deliver high insulation and low stray capacity performances. 2DD SERIES The 2DD series is a dedicated DC-DC Converter for driving various SiC and IGBT power modules. The low parasitic capacitance (9pF) and

Reduce switching losses up to 50% with first fully configurable digital gate driver for SiC MOSFETs

2021-10-11T13:28:16-05:00October 11th, 2021|Categories: Featured, Gate Drivers, Microchip|

New technology enables electric buses and other e-transportation power systems to meet and exceed stringent environmental conditions while maximizing efficiency To complement its broad portfolio of silicon carbide MOSFET discrete and module products, Microchip recently announced a new 1200V production-ready digital gate driver, providing system developers with multiple levels of control and protection for safe,

AgileSwitch® HPM Fiber Master IGBT Gate Driver Board – 3.3kV

2021-05-14T10:35:54-05:00May 12th, 2021|Categories: Featured, Gate Drivers, Microchip|

The Microchip HPFM-00117 is a single-channel, plug-and-play gate driver board for 1.2-3.3kV high-power modules such as IHV, IHM, HiPAK™ and others. Optimized for high-speed trains and mass transit, induction welding, solar/PR, industrial drives, induction heating and wireless charging applications, these gate drivers are UL compliant for modules rated up to 3.3kV. They feature 7W output

GaN E-HEMT Drivers with Switching Speeds up to 40 MHz

2018-09-13T14:17:18-05:00September 10th, 2018|Categories: Featured, GaN Power Transistor Test & Evaluation Products, Gate Drivers, pSemi|

GaN E-HEMT Drivers pSemi's UltraCMOS® technology enables integrated circuits to operate at much faster speeds than conventional CMOS technologies. This speed advantage results in significantly smaller power converters, which benefits the design engineer with increased power density. With a switching frequency up to 40 MHz, pSemi’s GaN drivers deliver the industry’s fastest switching speeds,

Tamura SiC Gate Drivers

2018-07-29T14:04:05-05:00March 31st, 2018|Categories: Featured, Gate Drivers, Tamura|

The gate driver all-in-one module DM Series features a built-in DC-DC converter and a drive circuit! It is possible to drive with only a few external components. Suitable applications include power conditioner for industrial use, various inverters, various motor drives. Additional key features include: Low common mode noise Stray capacity is about 15pF included

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