Silicon Carbide-Based Circuit Breakers for High-Power DC Systems

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Microchip Technical Article Circuit breakers are one of the most common components used in a short-circuit and overcurrent protection circuit, especially for higher-power systems. There are many considerations for designing in this kind of protection, and this article will show: Why it’s important to build in the protection Advantages of silicon carbide (SiC)-based

Microchip 3.3 kV Silicon Carbide MOSFETs & Schottky Barrier Diodes

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Enabling new levels of efficiency and reliability Microchip’s SiC solutions focus on high performance helping to maximize system efficiency and minimize system weight and size. Microchip’s proven SiC reliability also ensures no performance degradation over the life of the end equipment. What Problem Are We Solving? 3.3 kV Silicon IGBTs are limited in performance

PCIM Europe 2022 Featured Products

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RICHARDSON RFPD HIGHLIGHTS AT PCIM EUROPE 2022 If you’re traveling to the PCIM Europe in Nuremberg May 10-12, be sure to visit the Richardson RFPD stand (Hall 6, Stand 434). Discuss the latest in gallium nitride and silicon carbide from the industry’s leading names with our engineering team, as well as the gate driver, passive

Microchip 3.3 kV, 80 mΩ Silicon Carbide MOSFET in TO-247-4 package

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MSC080SMA330B4 SiC N-Channel Power MOSFET The silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFET product line from Microchip increases the performance over silicon MOSFET and silicon IGBT solutions while lowering the total cost of ownership for high-voltage applications. The MSC080SMA330B4 device is a 3300 V, 80 mOhm SiC MOSFET in a TO-247 4-lead package with a source

150 kVA 3-phase SiC Power Stack Reference Design

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from Mersen + Microchip The “electrification of everything” is driving the need for higher levels of power fidelity. Designers of electric vehicles, commercial transportation, renewable energy, and energy storage systems can benefit from silicon carbide stack solutions that drive performance and cost efficiencies and accelerate time to market by up to six months.Benefits of a

Motor Control in e-Mobility Applications

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Microchip Technical Article E-mobility covers a very wide range of human transportation applications — not just traction motors and EVs but also e-bikes, e-scooters and other recreational equipment. Additionally, EVs have very complex electrical systems when compared with normal cars, with two or even three different electrical busses (12V/48V/high voltage). This white paper reviews Microchip's

Microchip Livestream Event – 3.3kV Silicon Carbide Power Devices Enable New Levels of Efficiency and Reliability

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April 13 | 9AM PT We are extending our offering of SiC power solutions with a family of 3.3 kV SiC MOSFET die and discrete SBDs and MOSFETs. Featuring unrivaled ruggedness and reliability, Our 3.3 kV SiC solutions help clients extract the cost-saving benefits of SiC with confidence and minimal effort, expediting time to market

Let’s discuss your new designs integrating GaN or SiC technologies at PCIM 2022

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Schedule a meeting! Visit Richardson RFPD at Hall 6, Stand 434 to learn about the latest in GaN & SiC technologies from the industry's leading names, including:GaN SystemsDiscover how Gallium Nitride can help you differentiate your products in the areas of consumer, renewable energy, transportation, data center and industrial power supply applicationsLearn how to different

Plug-and-play gate driver board for 62mm, D3 and SP6 package SiC modules

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In Stock: SiC Accelerated Development Kit - Digital Programmable Gate Drivers Unlock the Full Potential of SiC Microchip’s Accelerated Silicon Carbide Development Kit includes the hardware and software elements required to rapidly optimize the performance of SiC modules and systems. This new tool enables designers to adjust system performance through software upgrades using the

SiC in Stock: Microchip 3 Phase Leg 1200V/251A SiC Module in Low Stray Inductance Package

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Microchip MSCSM120TAM11CTPAG Features SiC Power MOSFET Low RDS(on) High temperature performance SiC Schottky Diode Zero reverse recovery Zero forward recovery Temperature Independent switching behavior Positive temperature coefficient on VF Very low stray inductance Internal thermistor for temperature monitoring Aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate for improved thermal performance Benefits High power and efficient converters and inverters

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