Enter to Win! GaN driving circuit evaluation board


EZDrive™ Features & Benefits

  • Low component count
  • Smaller board area
  • Universally converts a Si MOSFET controller/driver to drive GaN Systems’ E-HEMTs
  • Eliminates the redundant GaN drivers & LDOs of a monolithic integrated drive GaN device
  • Controllable turn ON / OFF slew rate for optimizing EMI and efficiency
  • GaN E-HEMT footprint compatible with GS-065-004-1-L and GS-065-008-1-L

GS65011-EVBEZ: User Guide

The GS65011-EVBEZ evaluation board allows the user to evaluate GaN Systems’ EZDrive™ circuit. EZDrive™ is a low-cost, easy way to implement a GaN driving circuit using a standard MOSFET controller with integrated driver. It is adaptable to any power level, any frequency, and any LLC and PFC controller.

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