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Industry special – power systems in electric UAVs

‘AspenCore Guide to Silicon Carbide’: New Book Explores SiC in Smart-Energy Era

GaN Systems and partners tackle Net Zero Challenge

The World’s Most Popular EVs Aren’t Cars, Trucks, or Motorcycles

GaN-based Driver Built into LED Bulb Lowers Cost and Energy Use, Increases Power

The Dawn of the Sustainable Electric Vehicle Revolution

The 2022 Top Technology Predictions in Power Electronics

A closer look at minimizing AC charging losses: From the breaker to EV (Part 1)

Silicon Carbide Modules Unlock Higher Power Density in Motor Drives

The Race to Automotive Electrification: What it Takes to Win

Standardization, Energy Savings Drive 48-V Power in the Data Center

New Book Explores SiC in Smart Energy Era

Microchip providing SiC MOSFETs and digital gate drivers to Mersen

Stored Energy In A Saturating Inductor Is Not Constant

GaN’s Power Density Carries Unlimited Design Potential

Power Semiconductor Innovator GaN Systems Announces $150 Million in Growth Capital Funding

GaN-Based Motor Controllers Boost Efficiency of EVs

Inverters for green energy systems

Up to 240W | Teardown of Alienware 240W GaN Charger (For m15 RYZEN EDITION R5 Laptop)

The Surging Need for Power Density in Railway Systems

Teardown shows details of Apple’s new 140W USB-C charger for 16-inch MacBook Pro

Signify Revolutionizes Lighting with Built-In Driver for Higher Power LED Bulbs with GaN Systems

SiC and GaN: A Tale of Two Semiconductors

Study from Wolfspeed finds 13-to-1 efficiency gains with silicon carbide semiconductors in electric vehicles

Thermal Management in the Silicon Carbide Revolution

Optimizing the Frequency Properties of Silicon IGBTs

GaN Systems and EPowerlabs Collaborate to Deliver High-Density DC/DC Power Converter

Wolfspeed and ZINSIGHT Enhance Efficiency in Fuel Cell Vehicles with Silicon Carbide Technology

Packaging, Integration and Fast Switching: What Has Been Achieved and What’s Next?

Power Semiconductors Play a Critical Role in Efficiently Powering Home Appliances

Applied Materials to Help Boost Output of Silicon Carbide Chips for EVs

Cree Strikes Deal with GM for Silicon Carbide Chips, Changes Name

Advanced thermal management design boosts performance of silicon carbide inverters for heavy-duty vehicles

Silicon Valley Answer to the EV Question Calls for Less Silicon

The Heat is on

EV Power Electronics: Driving Semiconductor Demand in a Chip Shortage

Bosch presents e-motor for light & medium commercial vehicles

WiBotic Enables New GaN-based Chargers and Transmitters for Drones and Robots

Electronics and EVs Drive the Future of Automotive

Solar and Energy Storage: The symbiotic relationship

Reducing Switching Losses with 1,200-V Digital Gate Driver for SiC

This Is Why Car Makers Are Adding 48-Volt Electrics

What Are GaN Chargers? The Tech That Allows Lightweight Fast Charging

NREL researchers, industry partners test Megawatt Charging System with up to 3.75 MW of power

GaN Systems Signs Semiconductor Capacity Agreement with BMW

Power Electronics: Revolutionizing the World’s Future Energy Systems

Supply Chain Lessons Learned From The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Tesla Model 3 is driving the chip industry’s transition into the post-silicon age

Design Challenges and Solutions for Solar Inverters

Electric aircraft journey begins with hybrid designs, short routes

Orchard Audio Launches Starkrimson® Streamer Ultra: a 500W Stereo Gallium Nitride (GaN) Streaming Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier

Industry special – power electronics in cars

GaN Systems and onsemi Debut a Totem Pole PFC Evaluation Board

Workshop: Wireless Power for the Next-Generation Vehicle

Cree | Wolfspeed and STMicroelectronics Expand Existing 150mm Silicon Carbide Wafer Supply Agreement

GaN power transistors handle up to 3 kW

Podcast: The Fast Lane in the Electrification Race

Soak up the sun: Pump up the power of your 1500 V PV inverters with flowANPC S3 split

Wireless Power Market Thrives, Widening Adoption

How to Reduce EMI in Switching Power Supplies

Space Industry Launches with GaN Systems

Resistive Current Sensing: Low-Side vs. High-Side Sensing

Demand for Silicon Outstrips Supply

Raytheon: A Radar for Any Mission

Data Centers Feel the Power Density Pinch

GaN Systems and FTEX Increase E-Mobility Range and Power by 30%

E-Mobility Range and Power Increased by 30%

GaN for Electric Vehicles

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