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The State of Electric Vehicles

Vertical power trigate SiC MOSFET

100V High-Speed, Half Bridge Evaluation Board

Optimize Liquid-Cooling Systems Through CHT Analysis

Ceremony at Cree | Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide Wafer Fab

Next-Gen 650-V GaN Transistor Is Automotive Qualified

An H7 Current-Source Inverter using Wide Bandgap Bidirectional Switches to Achieve High Efficiency and Low Conducted Common-Mode EMI

Webinar: Redesign with SiC – an EMI compliance rapid prototyping approach

The Imperative For A 24/7 Renewable Energy World

Cree selling LED business to focus on SiC and GaN devices and materials

New Tech Expands Distributed Generation’s Role in Greening the Grid (Part 2)

Meet The Disruptors: Jim Witham of GaN Systems On the Three Things You Need to Shake Up Your Industry

SiC MOSFETs: Challenges in Transportation Electrification

Monitoring of SiC MOSFET Junction Temperature with On-state Voltage at High Currents

Comparison of Wide-Bandgap Devices in 1kW, 3 kW LLC Converters

What are Gallium Nitride Chargers and Why Would You Want One?

Lucid Air Demonstrates 500-mile Range

Keep Drones in the Air Longer with Wireless Charging

Registration: AirFuel Alliance Wireless Power Week 2020

From Gas Stations to Recharging Stations: Program Looks to Resolve Range Anxiety

Editorial Webinar: Designing for an Electric Aircraft Future

This Microchip Has Its Own Built-In Cooling System

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors – cheery prospects

GaN Systems Announces Sixth Annual “GaN Systems Cup” China Power Supply Society Design Competition

Fundamental research on semiconductor SiC and its applications to power electronics

Podcast: Recharging drones wirelessly and autonomously

Silicon carbide transistors improve efficiency in home storage systems

An Investigation of Gate Voltage Oscillation and Its Suppression for SiC MOSFET

Power GaN and SiC: Entering a New Era

PowerUP Expo – Panel – Are you GaN or SiC?

GaN and SiC power semiconductor market evolving

Raytheon Technologies Inks $2.3 Billion Missile Defense Contract – GaN-based Radar

Will gallium nitride electronics change the world?

Design of a High Efficiency Silicon Carbide Converter for More Electric Aircrafts

Fraunhofer IAF embeds GaN power ICs as half-bridge in PCBs

PCIM: Wolfspeed’s 650V SiC MOSFETs with reference designs

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