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Design Challenges and Solutions for Solar Inverters

Electric aircraft journey begins with hybrid designs, short routes

Orchard Audio Launches Starkrimson® Streamer Ultra: a 500W Stereo Gallium Nitride (GaN) Streaming Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier

Industry special – power electronics in cars

GaN Systems and onsemi Debut a Totem Pole PFC Evaluation Board

Workshop: Wireless Power for the Next-Generation Vehicle

Cree | Wolfspeed and STMicroelectronics Expand Existing 150mm Silicon Carbide Wafer Supply Agreement

GaN power transistors handle up to 3 kW

Podcast: The Fast Lane in the Electrification Race

Soak up the sun: Pump up the power of your 1500 V PV inverters with flowANPC S3 split

Wireless Power Market Thrives, Widening Adoption

How to Reduce EMI in Switching Power Supplies

Space Industry Launches with GaN Systems

Resistive Current Sensing: Low-Side vs. High-Side Sensing

Demand for Silicon Outstrips Supply

Raytheon: A Radar for Any Mission

Data Centers Feel the Power Density Pinch

GaN Systems and FTEX Increase E-Mobility Range and Power by 30%

E-Mobility Range and Power Increased by 30%

GaN for Electric Vehicles

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is evolving to become Hitachi Energy and broadens commitment to a sustainable energy future

New levels of resilience, inclusion, and environmental health emerge from today’s power revolution

GaN charging explained: why this next-gen charging tech is so powerful

How the power semiconductor market is evolving

An adaptive SiC MOSFET gate driver

Podcast: Silicon Carbide for the Future of Energy

Heat Sinking to Improve Power Density

Commercial EV Aircraft? It’s Possible

Webinar – Trends That Are Driving Up the Heat in EVs: Shifting Thermal Management Strategies

Adoption of gallium-based lidar sensors gathers pace

Ripple Current and MLCC: Basic principles; Kemet Tech Paper

China’s Tesla Rival NIO Produces its First C-Sample Silicon Carbide Drive Unit for the Upcoming ET7 Sedan

Stacking Server Halls: Facebook Boosts Capacity With New Data Center Design

GM Will Boost EV and AV Investments to $35 Billion Through 2025

SiC Enables the Future of EVs

Lawrence Livermore team designs semiconductor switch for next-generation communications

GaN semiconductors, developed at Naval Research Lab, available for large-scale manufacturing

GaN charging explained: why this next-gen charging tech is so powerful

Hands-free: Wireless charging system advances electric vehicle convenience

GaN Systems Paves the Way for Power Electronics Innovation at APEC 2021

Cree and Gospower Deliver Silicon Carbide to Server Power Supply Market

How GaN is changing the future of semiconductors

New U.S. Infrastructure Plan: A Win for Our Planet and the Electric Vehicle Market

The Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker Design from Syng. A Revolution in Spatial Audio?

GaN Systems accelerates customer growth momentum

Wide bandgap Semiconductors for Greener Future – Podcast

Silicon Labs expands isolated gate driver product family with Si828x version 2

Revolutionary Syng Cell Alpha Speaker Features GaN Systems Transistors

“GaN Systems Cup” 2021 China Power Supply Society Design Competition is Now Underway

11 Myths About Power Density

How to Improve LLC Converter Power Density

How to Model Ground Current of Filter Inductors for MV SiC-MOSFET Converters

GaN takes on SiC with imec breakthrough

GaN Systems sees EVs making up 60% of GaN growth in coming years

JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes a Milestone Document for Bias Temperature Instability of Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS Devices

Converters for the self-sufficiency of EV charging stations

A Better Management of Voltage Sensor Noise Immunity in High Voltage Applications

GaN Systems accelerates growth momentum

FAQs About Power Density: Back to Basics

Solar is Cheapest Electricity in History, U.S. DOE Aims to Cut Costs 60% by 2030

When the Electric Car Is King, Less Energy Is More

Tips & tricks on double-pulse testing for power electronics

And the Winner of the 2020 Elektra Awards Goes to GaN Power Semiconductors

Power devices market evolution and related technical developments

Power Electronics Education Toolbox Using Si and SiC Devices

GaN power transistor prices drop below USD1.00

When the Electric Car Is King, Less Energy Is More

The Demand for Seamless Characterization, Simulation and Development of Power Semiconductors

Not Just Another GaN Book

A Unique Guide to Gallium Nitride

Power Supply Design Notes: Acoustic Noise Suppression in Switched-Mode Solutions

Power devices market evolution and related technical developments

How Wide-Bandgap Technology Became Real

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