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GaN Systems’ Relentless Growth and Robust Design Win Momentum Fuels Significant North America Expansion

Wine Down Friday With Guy Moxey, Senior Director at Wolfspeed

Comparing a GAN-Based Power Solution to a Legacy Silicon IGBT

New 200mm SiC Fab Will Power EV With 516 Mile Range

Wireless Charging for EV Taxis Launches in Gothenburg

SiC market, a multi-billion-dollar prospect

What’s the Difference Between Silicon Carbide and Silicon?

Hitachi And NXP Work Together On SiC Modules

Not So Fast: EV Charging Rates Make a Difference

GaN Systems Leads the Data Center Power Revolution

3.3-kV MOSFET Delivers Lowest On-State Resistance

Making Transistor Circuits More Robust in Power Electronics

GaN Systems Powers Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Ultra Fast Charger with Leading Discrete GaN Solution

EV Charging While We Drive? Research Paves the Way for Unlimited Range

Germany Backs EU Phaseout of New Combustion Engines by 2035

GaN Systems and Partners tackle the Net Zero Challenge

audioXpress Reviews GaN Systems’ Class-D Amplifier and Switched-mode Power Supply Evaluation Kit

Coming Soon: A $5 Billion Charging Network for Electric Vehicles

Faster Charging Time with McLaren Applied’s 800-V SiC Inverter

Delivering on the EV Range Promise of SiC-Based Traction Inverters

Is Double Pulse Testing inadequate for GaN devices?

The Path to Smarter Vehicle Charging

Video: Reduce range anxiety for electric and autonomous vehicles

Wolfspeed Now Offers ECAD Symbols, Footprints, and 3D Models

German consortium develops gallium nitride grid-supporting inverters

Greenworks chooses GaN Systems for its Super Charging Station

The Benefits of High-Power-Density SiC MOSFETs

Web Conference: WBG-Devices – the gamechangers in high efficiency solutions

Bodo’s Wide Bandgap Expert Talk – Featuring GaN Systems

800V SiC Technology Drives EV Adoption with Faster Charging

Heatsinkless audio amplifier offers excellent audio performance

GaN Systems Introduces 50% Smaller 250W AC/DC GaN Charger Design

Next-Generation Power Designs Using Wide-Bandgap Push to Improve Efficiency Widens the Performance Gap

Industry special – power systems in electric UAVs

‘AspenCore Guide to Silicon Carbide’: New Book Explores SiC in Smart-Energy Era

GaN Systems and partners tackle Net Zero Challenge

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