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GaN Systems accelerates customer growth momentum

Wide bandgap Semiconductors for Greener Future – Podcast

Silicon Labs expands isolated gate driver product family with Si828x version 2

Revolutionary Syng Cell Alpha Speaker Features GaN Systems Transistors

“GaN Systems Cup” 2021 China Power Supply Society Design Competition is Now Underway

11 Myths About Power Density

How to Improve LLC Converter Power Density

How to Model Ground Current of Filter Inductors for MV SiC-MOSFET Converters

GaN takes on SiC with imec breakthrough

GaN Systems sees EVs making up 60% of GaN growth in coming years

JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes a Milestone Document for Bias Temperature Instability of Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS Devices

Converters for the self-sufficiency of EV charging stations

A Better Management of Voltage Sensor Noise Immunity in High Voltage Applications

GaN Systems accelerates growth momentum

FAQs About Power Density: Back to Basics

Solar is Cheapest Electricity in History, U.S. DOE Aims to Cut Costs 60% by 2030

When the Electric Car Is King, Less Energy Is More

Tips & tricks on double-pulse testing for power electronics

And the Winner of the 2020 Elektra Awards Goes to GaN Power Semiconductors

Power devices market evolution and related technical developments

Power Electronics Education Toolbox Using Si and SiC Devices

GaN power transistor prices drop below USD1.00

When the Electric Car Is King, Less Energy Is More

The Demand for Seamless Characterization, Simulation and Development of Power Semiconductors

Not Just Another GaN Book

A Unique Guide to Gallium Nitride

Power Supply Design Notes: Acoustic Noise Suppression in Switched-Mode Solutions

Power devices market evolution and related technical developments

How Wide-Bandgap Technology Became Real

GaN Systems sees EVs making up 60% of GaN growth in coming years

Marelli launches new technology inverters with 99.5 percent efficiency rate

SiC Now Walking The EV/HEV Red Carpet

Power Electronics News eBook: High Power Wireless Charging Technology

Fixed Ratio Converters Boost Battery Powered Systems

Tesla’s Innovative Power Electronics: The Silicon Carbide Inverter

Ford Europe Goes All-In on Electric Vehicles

Increasing The Conductive Density Of Packaging

A Whole New (Wireless Charging) World for Warehouse Robotics

JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes its First Guideline for Silicon Carbide (SiC) Based Power Conversion Devices

GaN Is Revolutionizing Motor Drive Applications

A PSU Analytical Power Loss Model For Optimizing The Server Power Delivery Architecture

Measurement challenges with Wide Band Gap devices

Breaking the power density limits for medium-voltage power modules

Japan Aims to Eliminate Gas-Powered Vehicles by Mid-2030s

Silicon carbide inverters could open up medium-voltage grids for solar installs

Hard Switching Characteristics of SiC and GaN Devices for Future Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GM aspires to stop selling ICE cars by 2035, will roll out 30 pure EVs by 2025

It’s “$ per Density” for Data Centers in 2021

Power Supply Design Notes: How to import a SiC library into LTspice and simulate it

Demonstrating GaN-HEMT Based Dynamic Rds(on) Resistance in High Frequency Power Converter

From Thyratron to Wide Bandgap – the Power of Curiosity!

Si/SiC Hybrid 5-level Active NPC Inverter for Electric Aircraft Propulsion Drive Applications

Using Early EMI Testing to Validate SiC-based Designs

Power Supply Design Notes: Experimenting with GaN Transistors

The State of Electric Vehicles

Vertical power trigate SiC MOSFET

100V High-Speed, Half Bridge Evaluation Board

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