RoadPak SiC e-mobility module

Hitachi Energy’s newest innovative solution for all e-mobility applications

It enables the design of converters with lowest overall stray inductance, thanks to the latest generation of SiC MOSFET chipset and enhanced liquid cooling performance due to its pin-fin baseplate. In addition, the RoadPak allows very easy low inductive connections, thus the current rating of the inverters can be scaled up with just one module type. This allows the use of RoadPak in a well defined converter portfolio based on various performance classes. RoadPak applications include amongst others:

  • main drive train for xEVs
  • e-trucks, e-busses
  • traction auxiliary converters, as well as power electronics for xEV-charging
Part Number VCES (V) ID (A) RDS(on) (mΩ)
typ. 25 °C
RDS(on) (mΩ)
typ. 175 °C
5SFG0580B12000 1200 2 x 580 2.9 5.2 B
5SFG0660B07500 750 2 x 660 2.6 4.8 B
5SFG0780B120000 1200 2 x 780 2.4 4.2 B
5SFG0880B07500 750 2 x 880 1.8 3.8 B
5SFG0980B120000 1200 2 x 980 1.9 3.2 B
5SFG1100B07500 750 2 x 1100 1.4 2.8 B

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