Microchip 3.3 kV SiC Power Devices

Enabling new levels of efficiency and reliability

Adopt SiC with Ease, Speed and Confidence with Microchip Silicon Carbide

Microchip’s SiC solutions focus on high performance helping to maximize system efficiency and minimize system weight and size. Microchip’s proven SiC reliability also ensures no performance degradation over the life of the end equipment.

What Problem Are We Solving?
  • 3.3 kV Silicon IGBTs are limited in performance (Slow with high switching losses)
  • Eliminate design compromises, reduce design complexity and lower system costs with 3.3 kV SiC
  • Take advantage of SiC technology: reduce size, weight and losses with higher switching frequency capability
  • Limited suppliers of 3.3 kV SiC products
Target Applications
  • Rail Traction Power Units (TPU) and Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

  • Medical imaging power supplies

  • SemiCap (Semiconductor Capital equipment)

  • Renewable energy/grid
  • Industrial motor drives
  • Aerospace and defense power distribution
Adopt SiC With Ease, Speed and Confidence

Adopt SiC With Ease, Speed and Confidence
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3.3 kV SiC MOSFETs and Diodes

Device Type Part Number Voltage (V) Rds(on) (mΩ) Current (A) Package Type
SiC MOSFET MSC025SMA330B4 3300 25 104 TO-247-4L
SiC MOSFET MSC080SMA330B4 3300 80 43 TO-247-4L
SiC MOSFET MSC400SMA330B4 3300 400 8 TO-247-4L
SiC SBD MSC030SDA330B 3300 30 TO-247-2L
SiC SBD MSC090SDA330B2 3300 90 T-MAX (-2L)

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