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Wolfspeed 62mm BM3 Silicon Carbide Modules for High Frequency Industrial Applications


Wolfspeed’s BM3 power module platform provides the system benefits of SiC while maintaining the robust, industry-standard 62 mm module package. The internal design of Wolfspeed’s 62 mm BM3 package enables high speed SiC switching benefits and increased system efficiency, due to the low-inductance layout. The BM3 platform is a perfect fit for high frequency industrial applications such as induction heating, rail and traction, motor drives, and EV charging infrastructures…

EV Charging: Are You Prepared for Rapid Market Expansion?


Advances in power-delivering technologies continue to enable industries like Electric Vehicles (EVs) to improve across the board. This includes reliability, performance, cost, size and the user experience. This white paper focuses on the three EV charging levels and the Microchip solutions that can support several aspects of residential, commercial and fast charging systems. This includes a highlight of Microchip's low inductance SiC modules and digital programmable gate drivers enabling more efficient, compact and reliable DC fast chargers.

Delivering on the EV Range Extension Promise of SiC in Traction Inverters


SiC MOSFETs are widely expected to add between 5% and 10% more range for a standard EV driving cycle as compared to existing silicon based technologies. Because of this, they are an important part of the next generation of traction inverters in the EV drive train. If properly exploited with supporting components, their power efficiency gain could represent a huge step forward in building consumer confidence in EV range and help to accelerate EV adoption…

Wolfspeed 1200V SiC MOSFETs Enable Bidirectional Charging for 200V to 800V EV Batteries


SiC MOSFET benefits apply to EV charging systems, and Wolfspeed’s 1,200V SiC MOSFETs not only offer performance enhancements but also allow for bidirectional charging/discharging, thereby replacing IBGT topologies and allowing for simple two-level implementations…

Technical Article: Energy Storage Systems Boost Electric Vehicles’ Fast Charger Infrastructure


Electric vehicles (EVs) will gain more and more market share, eventually taking over internal combustion engine vehicles. Direct current (dc) fast charging stations will replace, or integrate, petrol stations. Renewable energies will be used to power them, such as solar and wind. People will desire to charge their EVs in less than 15 minutes and they won’t want to wait in a queue for a unique charging pile...

Walk Around the Block: EV Fast Charging


The “Walk Around the Block” webinar series addresses design challenges and trending topics relative to power electronics applications. In this series, we’ll focus on EV fast charging and highlight a variety of topics from our vendors Wolfspeed (On-board chargers), u-blox (Wireless communications), Analog Devices (Optimize switching) and Microchip (Power factor correction)...

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