Application Note: Reducing Size, Noise, and Field Failures of Transportation APUs


As vehicle electrification proliferates the consumer EV segment, other forms of transportation are also chasing the global macrotrend. Today, designers are finally able to extract disruptive system-level benefits of SiC technology to shrink the size, noise, and field failures of auxiliary power units (APUs) in transportation vehicles.

White Paper: Fast-Charging Electric Vehicles – SiC Delivers the Most Power from the Smallest Charger


EV charging infrastructure must not only be fast and ubiquitous, but it must be powerful, efficient, smaller, and cost-effective. Silicon carbide (SiC) is the technology best equipped to meet these requirements, while also preparing fast-charging infrastructure for future requirements such as bidirectional charger design...

White Paper: Reliability and Ruggedness Considerations for Integrating SiC in EVs, Other Power Designs


Silicon carbide (SiC) devices that facilitate high-voltage operations at low switching losses because of wide-bandgap (WBG) material start their accelerated evolution and adoption in automotive, industrial, aerospace, and defense applications. These SiC products promise to improve power density and system efficiency, thus saving the design’s size, cost, and weight...

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