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Design support and OTS availability of supercapacitor cells and modules, lithium-ion capacitors/hybrid supercapacitors and custom energy storage solutions from industry leaders.


Cornell Dubilier: Supercapacitor Module Capabilities

September 19th, 2021|Cornell Dubilier, Featured Supercapacitors, Supercapacitors Brochure|

CDE's engineering team can support customers through all the potential design solutions and strategies that can be implemented into any application. CDE designs and manufactures custom supercapacitor solutions which support applications to function at their fullest capabilities...

Supercapacitors v. Batteries: What are the Differences? (On-demand Webinar)

September 19th, 2021|Eaton, Featured Supercapacitors, Supercapacitor Webinars|

The need for a fast charging and reliable source of portable energy storage has grown dramatically through the proliferation of electrification in recent years. This session outlines the key differences between supercapacitors and batteries in terms of construction, specifications, capabilities, and applications...

Eaton White Paper: Emerging UPS standby power sources

September 6th, 2021|Eaton, Featured Supercapacitors, Supercapacitor Article|

Several exciting new standby power solutions, all rapidly approaching mainstream commercial viability, appear poised to give the lead acid battery a run for its money. This white paper will explore the strengths, weaknesses and future prospects of four such technologies: Lithium-ion batteries, flywheels, ultracapacitors and fuel cells...

Tech Chat: Supercapacitors for power backup in wind turbines

August 22nd, 2021|Featured Supercapacitors, LICAP, Supercapacitors Tech Chat|

About 60% of new wind turbines being installed today use electric pitch control systems. In this Tech Chat we discuss the operational and safety importance of wind turbine pitch systems and how supercapacitors have several advantages over batteries in these systems...



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