EV charger solutions – faster, smaller, more efficient

Enhance your EV charger with SiC MOSFET-based flow E power modules

The new flow DUAL SiC E1 and fastPACK SiC E1/E2 have been developed with the aim to make the EV offboard charger designs faster, smaller and more efficient. The modules are based on latest 650V and 1200V SiC MOSFET chip generations with an on-resistance as low as 5mOhm.

In addition to optimizing performance, Vincotech puts focus on reliability. With the new advanced die-attach technology, the new flow E SiC MOSFET-based modules can extend the power cycling lifetime by a factor of 2. Vincotech has been empowering customers’ ideas for 20+ years now. Their experience and SiC-based power modules paired with your designs give the best possible result!

Target applications include: UPS & Gensets, Energy Storage Systems, Industrial Charging Systems, EV Automotive Off-Board Chargers, and Solar Inverters.

  • Vincotech flowDUAL SiC E1
  • Vincotech

Main benefits:

  • Factor 2 improved power cycling capability for longer lifetime
  • Multi-sourced SiC-components for more freedom of choice and less supply chain risk
  • Optional integrated capacitors for improved EMC performance
  • Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM to help reduce production cost

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Part number Breakdown Voltage (V) Nominal Chip Current Rating (A) Rds(on) (mΩ) Topology Module Housing Footprint (mm) Height (mm)
10-EY122PA005ME-LU39F08T 1200 240 5 Half-bridge flow E2 62.8×57.7 12
10-EY122PA008ME-LU38F08T 1200 240 8 Half-bridge flow E2 62.8×57.7 12
10-EY124PA016ME-LP49F18T 1200 80 16 H-bridge flow E2 62.8×57.7 12
10-EZ074PA021UF01-LQ18F98T* 650 50 21 H-bridge flow E1 62.8×34.8 12
10-EZ124PA032ME-LQ17F18T* 1200 40 32 H-bridge flow E1 62.8×34.8 12

*In qualification