New flowNPC 2 modules for
solar applications

Max power density, outstanding efficiency with SiC hybrid modules for 1500 V solar inverters.

Featuring a combination of SiC diodes with the latest 950 V IGBTs, the new flowNPC 2 for 1500 V multi-string inverters supports 200 kVA and higher output power. Higher efficiency and better power handling – that adds up to maximum return on your and your customers’ investment.

Trust Vincotech, the expert in SiC-driven power modules, to help you deploy these solutions where they serve you best. Vincotech’s SiC components are multi-sourced, so you benefit from another great pairing – variety and reliability in the supply chain.

Vincotech power modules are compact, so your solar inverter design will get the most out of it.

What does all this mean for you? You can squeeze more juice from the sun!

Main benefits

  • Maximized ROI: Chips optimized for efficiency with SiC diodes and 950 V IGBTs
  • More secured supply chain: Multi-sourced components ensure flexibility
  • Light compact design: No bulky passive components
  • Lower production costs: Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM

General features

  • flow 2 low inductive package
  • Latest generation of 950 V IGBTs
  • Ultra-fast SiC diodes
  • Enables 1500 VDC voltage
  • Three-level high-efficient NPC topology

Target applications

  • Solar

flow 2 housing features

  • Low inductive package
  • Convex shaped baseplate for superior thermal contact
  • Cu baseplate
  • No PCB hole damage to enable reuse
  • Reliable cold welding connection to PCB
  • Thermo-mechanical push-and-pull force reliefy
Part number Sub-topology Voltage (V) Current (A) Main chip technology
30-FT10NIA375F9-LQ08F08 NPC-KE-NTC 1500 375 IGBT UltraFast
30-FT10NIA400S7-LP59F08 NPC-Split-KE-NTC 1500 400 IGBT S7
30-FT12NIA150SH-LG09F08 NPC-Split-KE-NTC-Tandem diodes 1500 150 IGBT4 HS
30-PT10NIA400S7-LP59F08Y NPC-Split-KE-NTC 1500 400 IGBT S7