SiC-based Power Modules

Stepping up to peak performance and efficiency with Vincotech’s SiC-driven power modules

No one has sold more SiC-driven power modules than Vincotech, and if you want to boost efficiency, then SiC components are for you – doubly so if you also want to build a smaller, lighter system while supersizing, rather than sacrificing, performance.

With Vincotech’s SiC-based power modules for charging stations, solar inverters and other applications, you get the best of both. They let you supercharge performance and streamline designs.

Trust Vincotech, the expert in SiC-driven power modules, to help you deploy these solutions where they serve you best. And Vincotech’s SiC MOSFETs and SiC diodes are multi-sourced, so you benefit from another great pairing – variety and reliability in the supply chain.

Main Benefits

Standard and custom products featuring state-of-the-art components

Multi-sourced for more freedom of choice, less risk

Optional integrated capacitors for improved EMC

Easy assembly with pre-applied phase change material and Press-fit pins

Low-inductive packages to downsize external passive components

A quick run-down of the latest innovations featuring various SiC components follows:

Application Product Line Part number Voltage Current Features
EV Charger fastPACK 0 SiC 10-PC094PB017ME02-L620F36Y 900 V 140 A High efficiency,
high switching frequency
Solar flowANPC 1 split 10-PG12NAB008MR02-LC59F36T +
2400 V 150 A Solar three-level string inverter,
extremely compact, highly efficient
Solar and UPS flowBOOST 1 dual SiC 10-FY12B2A040MR02-L387L63 1200 V 30 A High frequency, high efficiency
(Dual Boost with SiC MOSFET)
Solar and UPS flow3xBOOST 0 SiC 10-PZ123BA040MR01-M909L68Y 1200 V 20 A High frequency, high efficiency, compact
(Triple Boost with full SiC)