Maximize the performance benefits of SiC with a robust, simple and cost-effective module & system layout.

Platform Benefits

  • High Power Density Footprint

  • High Temperature (175 °C) Operation

  • Low Inductance (6.7 nH) Design

  • Implements Third Generation MOSFET Technology
  • Initial Product Releases: Optimized for Low Conduction-Loss & High-Frequency Operation
  • Future Derivative Configurations: Up to 1.7 kV, Spanning Multiple Topologies

Targeted Applications

  • Motor & Traction Drives
  • UPS
  • EV Chargers

Technical Features

  • Terminal Layout Simplifies Bus Bar Design
  • Integrated Temperature Sensing
  • Dedicated Drain-Kelvin Pin
  • Silicon Nitride Insulator and Copper Baseplate
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Part Number Blocking Voltage (V) Current (A) Rds (on) (mOhm) Footprint Features
CAB450M12XM3 1200 450 2.6 Optimized XM3 Conduction-Optimized,
Third Generation MOSFETs
CAB425M12XM3 1200 425 3.2 Optimized XM3 Switching-Loss Optimized,
Third Generation MOSFETs
CAB400M12XM3 1200 400 4.0 Optimized XM3 Switching-Loss Optimized,
Third Generation MOSFETs

XM3 Evaluation Tools & Associated Products:

Support Rapid SiC System Evaluation
Optimized for Wolfspeed’s XM3 Half Bridge SiC Modules